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Endeavour - Agbaou, central Cote d'Ivoire - May 2015

Andrew Jackson visited Endeavour Mining's Agbaou mine in central Cote d'Ivoire on May 18/19, 2015. The mine is 200 km from Abidjan, a 3.5 hour drive, mostly along good paved roads.  Agbaou is owned 85% by Endeavour, 10% by the government and 5% by SODEMI, the state mining company.

The deposit is a typical Birimian shearzone-hosted gold deposit.  The mine consists of multiple open pits and commercial gold production began in January 2014.  Gold production for 2015 is forecast to be 150,000-155,000 oz.  Current reserves allow for a 7 year mine life, but this is likely to be extended with ongoing exploration.

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