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Amara Mining - Yaoure, central Cote d'Ivoire - May 2015

Andrew Jackson visited Yaoure on May 17, 2015. Amara had released the Yaoure PFS 3 days earlier; that gives in-pit M&I resources of 2.7 Moz @1.18 g/t Au.  It also shows a second scenario that includes Inferred resources. This gives a bigger pit and more robust financials.

Yaoure is in central Cote d'Ivoire and is a 4-5 hour drive NNW of Abidjan. The main road has been recently resurfaced and is in good condition as far as Yamoussoukro.  From Yamoussoukro, the road is a mixture of paved and gravel for the last 1.5 hours. The access road crosses the dam wall of Lake Kossou, the biggest hydroelectric dam in the country and the mine is just 5km from the main substation. This is key to the project, as power costs will be just 8c/KWh and water is available from the lake. The mine will recycle 100% of the water and require just 5% top up from outside.

The deposit is in a typical Birimian greenstone belt, a SSW extension of the belts in W Burkina Faso, although several hundred kms south. The geology of the property is straightforward, consisting mainly of mafic volcanics with a granodiorite intrusion running up the axis of the western  (Yaoure) pit, and occasional quartz-feldspar dykes. Mineralization is hosted by packages of sheeted quartz veins, with narrow alteration rims. These dip at about 35 degrees to the E, which would make them difficult to mine from underground, but are amenable to open pitting. Amara has defined four main packages of veins, from E to W, CMA, Y1, Y2 and Y3. These represent sparse very high (multi-ounce) stringers, in a sea of lower (~1 g/t) grade material.

The CMA zone is the driver of the project, with a width of up to 40m and relatively consistent average grade down-dip. The Y1 and Y2 packages are far narrower (2.5-4.m). The Y3 package is much wider than the Y1
and Y2 zones, but is the lowest grade; it tends to follow the footwall of the granodiorite intrusion.

The majority of the oxide ore was previously mined out in two pits and Amara will go into unoxidized fresh ore very early in the mine life. However the sulphide ore is amenable to conventional crush, grind (SAG then ball mill) and CIP/electrowinning extraction.  


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