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Golden Rim - Korongou, NE Burkina Faso - May 2015

Andy Jackson visited Golden Rim's Korongou property in NE Burkina Faso on May 12 2015.  Korongou is a four hour drive east of Ouagadougou, half on paved roads and half on dirt. Most of the dirt roads are in reasonable condition and can be travelled all year round.  The last 20kms are not easy during the rainy season.

Most of the host rocks are metavolcanics.  The Guitorga target was defined by auger drilling with follow up RC drilling.  Gold mineralization appears to be associated with an extensional jog zone, probably superimposed on an earlier thrust package that sheared portions of the stratigraphy and provided the deep plumbing for the mineralizing fluids.

The gold is generally in quartz carbonate veins.  Some of these are >1m wide, but most are very high grade (multi-ounce).  Weathering is shallow, usually only 10-20m depth, meaning that oxide ore is limited and any operation would probably require a mill. 

There had been no core drilling at the time of the site visit but this is now underway with a view to following up some of the higher grade RC intersections and testing an extension of the mineralized trend under a laterite mesa.   

The main Guitorga auger anomaly has no outcrop and, until a month before my visit, it was untouched by illegal miners. However, since then, there has been an influx of miners and there are now >1000 working this area.  This sounds more alarming than it really is, as a large proportion are locals who will cease mining once the rains start in earnest and the planting /growing season arrives.

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