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Miranda - Oribella, W Colombia - Oct 2014

Andrew Jackson visited Miranda's Oribella project in W Colombia from 24-26 October, 2014.   The two adjacent licenses cover 20 kms of a major north-south regional fault that forms the western boundary of the Western Cordillera. It separates dominantly mafic volcanics to the east from deep water sediments to the west.  A series of felsic to intermediate intrusives have used the fault for access. Topography is very steep with well over 3000 ft of total elevation difference.  Outcrops are few and far between, usually along road cuts and mule paths.  The vegetation varies from marshy grasslands through coffee plantations to tropical rainforest depending on altitude.  So exploration conditions are tough and so far exploration has been limited to stream sediment sampling and occasional grab samples and channel samples where outcrops of interest have been found.  There are three targets on the two licenses:

The southern anomaly is in the earliest stage of definition with just a series of anomalous stream sediment and grab samples so far.

The central anomaly has minimal outcrop except where a small road cuts across it, but there is copper staining in at least one place and the soil geochemistry is anomalous in Cu. 

The northern target (La Cibeles) has evidence of a polyphase porphyry intrusion (as a rule of thumb, the more phases of intrusion there are, the better the chance of building economic grades).  The intrusion appears to be at least 2.5 kms in diameter and is centered on a steep hill, which would reduce the strip ratio significantly. Soil and 2m channel sampling show highly anomalous Cu and Au values.

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