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Miranda - Antares, Central Colombia - Oct 2014

Andrew Jackson visited Miranda Gold's Antares project in Central Colombia on October 24, 2014.

The Antares project was generated on AngloGold /B2 Gold's Gramalote model. Gramalote lies just NE of the Antares project and in the same granodioritic batholith.  The mineralization at Gramalote is hosted by the granodiorite and consists of a stockwork of narrow (centimetre-scale) veinlets spread over a large area - similar to a porphyry.  The Gramalote resource is very low grade: 372 Mt @ 0.5 g/t for just over 6 Moz Au.

Antares consists of 3 applications and comprises about 8000 ha. These applications have been in for between 5 and 14 months and are still awaiting approval. They cover a NE trending corridor, although the mineralization detected to date trends N-S (presumably a series of en-echelon tensional zones in the corridor).  Miranda defined the target corridor with wide-spaced stream sediment sampling which shows a gold anomaly of about 8km x 4 km.  Within this area are a series of a dozen or so small to moderate-sized hydraulic mined pits (mined using high pressure water cannons in the 1980s by locals).  The style of mineralization at Antares is similar to Gramalote with widespread stockworks of narrow (1-2 cm) quartz veins with free gold and pyrite that has been oxidized to hematite.  Grades over 2m channel samples vary between trace and 9 g/t Au.  There are zones where the density of stringers increases to ~5-10 per metre and the grade is usually proportional to the density of stringers. The artisanal underground workings are focused on a N-S stringer zone that is about a meter wide but which has been shown to continue vertically over > 30m.

Miranda has not yet done any drilling. 


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