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Sarama - Tankoro, SW Burkina Faso - Nov 2012

Andrew Jackson visited Sarama's Tankoro license in SW Burkina Faso in November 2012.  Tankoro is one of 10 licenses that Sarama holds in the South Hounde greenstone belt, but it is the most advanced.

The Tankoro license was reached by a 6 hour drive from the capital of Ouagadougou, approximately half the time on paved roads and half on gravel roads or tracks.

Sarama has covered the entire license with soil geochemistry which defined two or three NNE-SSW trends of anomalous Au in soil.  The priority target is MM which is on the westernmost of these trends.  There is minimal outcrop and targeting has relied on soil geochemistry with follow-up drilling.  At the time of the site visit, there were 2 drills operating, an RC rig and a core rig.  

Mienralization is associated with quartz veinlets in a series of small quartz-feldspar-porpyry dykes/intrusions.  The porpyries are intruded into Birimian sediments - mainly greywackes and occasional conglomerates.  The MM target has a strike length of 1,440m, but to the NE there is another target, the Phantom prospect.  To the SW the geochemistry continues intermittently for another 6 kms before reaching the license boundary.  The adjacent property is the Dynikongolo license, held by Orbis (see photo gallery) and the soil anomaly appears to continue onto this property with a combined strike of around 30 kms. 




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